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Jim Proszek, Hall Estill  

Attorneys and experts who litigate excavation damage claims will discuss the best practices for damage prevention and incident investigation, provide information regarding industry resources for learning about those best practices and demonstrate the consequences of failing to implement those best practices.

Best Practices for Damage Prevention: Why Me?


Did you know last year 30 meetings were held in Oklahoma to assist excavators in digging safely around pipelines? To promote safety and damage prevention, your local pipeline operators offer meetings in your area to keep you up-to-date on damage prevention and the potential consequences of unsafe digging. Attend our session to learn more about our new CoRE-EXprogram implementing in 2017.

Don't let Distractions get in the way of Safety

Curt Steinhorst  

We live in a world without any barriers to connection or communication. We are asked to process four times the information that Americans dealt with in 1986, but with less space and time to actually think. Come learn more on ways you can limit the distractions and put the focus back on Safety!

Locate Requests: How to save time and manage your workload

OKIE811 Contact Center  

Effective, clear communication is key to a quality locate. Come learn how easy it is to use OKIE811 Web Ticket to submit locate requests and updates. This session is designed to give you the keys to minimize the wait time between ticket submission and approval. You will also learn the best practices to ensure your request is marked accurately and timely. As an added bonus you will learn how a new tool from Korterra can help you effectively manage your locate requests for each project. This tool, KorExcavator, even has new capabilities that empower the Excavator / Contractor to submit one call tickets from the KorExcavator software directly to a state one call center. While managing a busy workload, excavators and their management team must keep track of many moving pieces as well as follow all excavation safety measures. Utilizing an online workforce management tool helps automate many excavation safety practices, preventing disastrous events caused by missed safety steps.

Midstream Oil & Gas Operations and Emergency Response Procedures

Ryan Anderson, Plains All American Pipeline

Familiarize attendees with midstream oil and gas operations. Communicate pipeline integrity measures and construction information. Discuss Public Awareness initiatives. Review pipeline emergency procedures

Hands-On Demo's & Activities

Speaker TBD

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OK Corporation Commission

John Harper

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"Put it Down"

Shawn Irie

An accident took the lifes of his wife and 2 grandchildren. Come learn how to avoid this happening to you.

OKIE811 Membership University

OKIE811 Member Services & GIS Team

Ensure you get the most out of OKIE811 membership with pertinent information on membership structure, notification options, authorized contacts, asset registration, buffers and more. Learn about all the benefits and resources OKIE811 memberships include to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.

Preparedness - Are you Prepared?

Roxie Beall, Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security

Come and learn, 1) how to make an emergency kit, 2) how to make an emergency plan, 3) how to be informed and prepared for a variety of emergency situations from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. Also learn about Map Your Neighborhood, which encourages neighbors to communicate and work together. Learn how to get involved in a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program, which provides some basic training on fire extinguishers, shutting off utilities and assisting someone who is trapped under rubble.

SUE Services for Planning Design

Michael Crain, PE - Halff Assoc. Inc

Nobody likes project surprises, especially unknown utilities in the construction stage or any stage of planning and design. Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) can provide very accurate locations horizontally and vertically of utilities on public and private property. Come learn about the latest technology and practices for finding buried utilities using SUE.

Using Drones to Inspect, Map and Document Excavation Sites

Tom Kilpatrick

Drones are now becoming an integral tool for the mapping and inspection of excavation sites. They can create 2D and 3D models, increase accuracy with RTK, and document everything they see by recording in visual and invisible (Infra-Red & thermal) spectra.

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