trenching& excavation safety

Full Day Workshop 8:00a - 5:00p

Equips employees with ability to recognize and the knowledge needed to eliminate or control hazards associated with excavation work. Students must demonstrate proper use of the regulation to complete a study guide covering Subpart P of 29 CFRR 1926. They must also demonstrate the ability to perform the two basic soil analyses necessary to classify soil. They must satisfactorily complete a final test reviewing the information covered. Strives to express the true nature of the hazards  associated with excavation work by means of case histories and local examples. The subject matter is designed to familiarize experienced and beginning level employees with excavation work. It will help all workers identify the correct principles and practices used to design, to construct, and to work safely. 

OSHA 7410 - Managing Excavation hazards: 

prep for competent person

Full Day Workshop 8:00a - 5:00p

This course covers the roles and responsibilities of the employer to educate and assign a competent person to excavation sites. Course topics include understanding and application of definitions relating to the OSHA Excavation Standard, excavation hazards and control measures, soil analysis techniques, protective system requirements and emergency response. Upon course completion, students will understand the importance and duties of a competent person in excavation work and have the knowledge and skills required performing these duties.

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