Mock Line Strike

One of the newer attractions to the Oklahoma Excavation Safety Expo is the mock line strike. This scenario utilizes live equipment, a simulated high-pressure gas line and trained personnel.  

Line-locators will come out to the site and demonstrate the best practices for marking a proposed digging location. Then, excavators will simulate striking a high-pressure and what steps to take to ensure a secured scene. Finally, professional first-responders will arrive on the location to walk through several emergency scenarios.

The simulation runs approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. 



"The Mock Line Strike demonstration is a valuable tool for excavators and contractors alike. You can explain and teach the proper steps to take in a classroom for hours on end, but once you actually see it all come together in this scenario, it provides a visual element that pictures and video can't duplicate."


Jerry West

Damage Prevention Services Manager

Oklahoma One-Call System 

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